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A generation set free, set apart, and set on fire.

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm
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24/7 | Youth Ministry: What We Do
24/7 | Youth Ministry: Text

Why the name TwentyFourSeven?  Because we believe abundant life is not found in just adding “religion” to the other “parts” of your life by attending a church meeting once or twice a week.  No, abundant life is found in the submission of every part of our lives in relationship to Jesus, and that has to happen twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Youth Ministry
To be clear, we do not just have a youth group, we have a youth ministry.  We are not interested in having a Christian social club for teenagers as a slightly better and safer alternative to the entertainment options that the world has to offer.  We want nothing less than to train and equip teenagers to occupy and transform their generation and the world for Christ!  Our youth are not just the church of the future, they are an active and essential part of the church today, and they are perfectly capable of ministering in the grace, power, and anointing of the Holy Spirit to both their peers and to people of all ages.

Fun, Fun, Fun
That doesn’t mean that it’s all ministry and no play.  You see, we believe Christians should and do have more fun than any other group of people on the planet.  And they do it guilt and hangover free!

We have some of the best youth, Youth Pastors, and Youth Leaders in the world right here at Crosswinds Community Church.  Below are just a few of the many special ministries and events that they participate in regularly Scheduled Meetings


Weekly Youth Ministry Service
Crowd-breaker games, tribe competition, passionate youth-style worship, anointed-relevant teaching, real-life testimonies, mountain-moving prayer, life-changing prophetic words, life-long friendships and more. 

Occasional Events

For youth who may have a call to the ministry on their lives or who just desire a greater level of discipleship, accountability, and service.  A three month commitment is required.


Agape Feasts
Sharing together a meal and an intense evening of worship!


Diverse Nights
Occasional division into separate groups for young men and young women for teaching and ministry on the specific issues each of these groups face.  


FIRE Institute
A short term, very intense program to challenge teenagers to greater levels of spiritual insight, self discipline, and intimacy with God.


“Jesus Culture”
An occasional trip to experience Jesus Culture birthed out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA.


Treasure Hunts
This is not a game. This is about going out into the community and seeking treasure for heaven:  the salvation of souls, the healing of bodies, the deliverance from bondages, a release of all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the miracle working power of God!



(Youth With A Mission) Las Vegas, In City Missions
An opportunity to join with the YWAM base right here in Las Vegas, in experiencing ministry to both locals and visitors to our city from around the world. 


Youth Take-Over-Services
Yes, that’s right, sometimes we let the youth take over our Sunday Morning Worship Service to release them into new levels of ministry and to bless and inspire the church body as a whole!  These are always fun and powerful at the same time.


Other Special Events and Activities:
Tribe Wars
Crowd-breaker Games
80’s Night
Strobe Night
Neon Night
Shark Night
“Communist/Church” (group game)
Capture the Flag
Thanksgiving Turkey Olympics
Six Flags Amusement Park Trips
Christmas Party

                                            And as they say…much, much more!

Description – Mission – Philosophy – Purpose – Vision 

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