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This isn't just a's a Family!

Crosswinds Leadership


Lead Pastors

Dan and Debbie are the founding and current Lead Pastors of the church.  Prior to that, they ministered together as Youth Pastors.   Dan is a 1990 graduate of North Central Bible College of the Assemblies of God.  Debbie currently serves as an Associate Pastor and leads the Women’s Ministry of the church.  They have three adult children (all serving in pastoral ministry) and eleven grandchildren.  We consider ourselves to be ordinary Christians who happen to be called to work that is beyond our abilities rather than superior Christians who are called to work because of our abilities.

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Executive Pastors

Jared and Jessica are both graduates of Christ For The Nations Institute.  They have served on the church's ministry staff since its founding in 2001.  Jared currently serves as an Associate Pastor and leads the Worship team.  Jessica currently serves as an Associate Pastor, fulfilling administrative and ministry oversight in the church.  They have three children, Caden, Aubriel, and Judah. Jared is a very anointed and talented worship leader and Jessica is a gifted and insightful prophetic teacher.  Beyond that, they are two of the most accessible, down-to-earth people of genuine faith that you could ever meet. They fulfill their callings with the highest levels of character, integrity, commitment, and humility.



Youth Pastors

Marc and Libby Lindahl have been married since 2020 and are new parents to baby Cyrus. Marc graduated with his BA in History and also worked hard for an M.ED through Grand Canyon University. Libby attended Kairos School of Ministry and graduated with her BA in Ministerial Leadership through Northwestern University. They have hearts for youth and have been serving as Crosswinds Youth Pastors since the end of 2020. They are honored to serve and pour into the youth and community at Crosswinds. Libby leads worship with a prophetic voice and passion for the presence of the Holy Spirit. Marc is also on the worship team and has a heart to disciple this next generation.



Creative & Leadership Pastor

Ashlyn May has been attending and serving at Crosswinds her whole life. She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in 2019 with an associate of pastoral ministries and a BA in business administration from Dallas Baptist University. She held a women’s ministry administrator position at a church in Corpus Christi for a season, however, in 2020 moved back to Las Vegas because she felt God wanted to use her in ministry here at home. She has served our body over the years leading worship, planning children’s programs, and working with the youth and young adults. Her unique prophetic and administrative gift mix brings a freshness that impacts every aspect here at Crosswinds.

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Don & Kristie Shuman

Encounters Pastors


Heather May

Children's Director

Board of Directors

Jim Austin

Jim is a faithful husband and a faithful worker in the church.  He serves as an usher and sings on a worship team.  Jim serves (and sings) with humility, the joy of the Lord in his heart, and always has a contagious heart-warming smile on his face.   Jim is also always there to help with facility projects and needs within the church family.  In addition, Jim is a fisherman and a firearms enthusiast.

Don Shuman

Don is a faithful husband and father.  He is an entrepreneur, an I.T. professional, and has also started and run several small businesses.  Don serves as a video technician, and handles all of the church’s computer service and maintenance.  Don does the church a favor by NOT singing on a worship team.  He is, however, always there for anyone in need with a generous heart and a helping hand.  Don always provides an adequate supply of puns, cheesy jokes, and used cars, (he is a bit of an automobile enthusiast and car “flipper.”) Oh, and I almost forgot, Don is a 3rd degree grand master of the board game, Cities and Knights, from the Settlers of Catan series.

Bruce May

Bruce has served on the Board of Directors since the founding of the church.  In fact, Crosswinds Community Church held its first several meetings in the living room of his home.  He is a faithful husband, father, and entrepreneur, having started and run his own business. Bruce serves as an audio technician and is always there to help with facility projects and needs within the church family.  Bruce is also a rigger, a firearms enthusiast, and around here we call him, “The (mostly) Happy Ministry Guy!”


We understand that leadership is important.  We understand that the character, qualifications, past track record, and future direction of leadership are all important.  However, you are going to have to read and scroll a bit on this page before you find out more about the leadership of the church.  This is by design and by reading a bit further, you will find out why. Sitting down, Jesus called the Twelve and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.” (Mark 9:35)


We want to make it clear right up front that there are no superstar leaders at Crosswinds Community Church other than God our Father, Jesus our Lord and Savior, and The Holy Spirit.  Of the greatest importance to us is to give place to the moving and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.  Every time we meet together we invite, welcome, and expect the presence of God Almighty to manifest in a special and discernable way.   When God shows up, unconditional love and infinite power become available.  Miracles are possible, healings are possible, breakthroughs are possible.  All things are possible!


From a wide diversity of backgrounds, God has brought a wonderful group of people together.  Here at CCC, the entire congregation is considered to be a part of the ministry team.  Every believer is challenged to be involved in ministry at some level and a large majority of the church body is committed to giving of their finances, time, talents, and experience to helping each other and helping the Kingdom of God to grow.  There are also past and present members of the church family currently preparing to serve God in full-time ministry and others who have launched and currently lead successful para-church ministries with the support and encouragement of the Church. Our congregation is small enough to develop and maintain warm family relationships, but large enough to enjoy dynamic worship services. We have considerable diversity in age and social background.  Even more important than the size of the church, measured in the number of people who gather each week, is the size of the hearts of those people.  Put simply, the people of Crosswinds Community Church have big hearts for one another, big hearts for the lost, big hearts for service, big hearts for prayer, big hearts for worship, and big hearts for God.

Serving Team Members

In most churches, ten percent of the people do ninety percent of the work.  Here, at any given time, seventy to eighty percent of the people, including children, teens, adults, and seniors are serving in one or more of our ministry teams in one capacity or another.  This means the spiritual footprint or impact of the church is much larger than one would think just by looking at its size.  Still, there is always a need and room for more!

Serving Team Leaders

Although ministry teams need leadership, the emphasis is always on serving:  Serving the Lord and serving one another.

"A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families, he leads forth the prisoners with singing..."

(Psalm 68:5-6)

"Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God's people and members of God's household."

(Ephesians 2:19)

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