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What is Dinners for Six?

Dinners for Six is our intentional effort to build community.

Each term lasts 3 months, and by signing up, you'll be placed in a group committed to having dinner together once a month for the next 3 months. The meeting times are entirely up to the group.

(Children aren’t included in the count of six but are welcome at the dinners.)

Our goal is to help you connect and forge unexpected relationships that could last a lifetime.

Questions & Anwsers

1. Is it 6 families (as in if you are married you count as one) or 6 individuals? - So would it be you and Jared (not including Judah) and then 4 more people? Or would it be you and Jared and then maybe 2 other couples and 2 singles? Was this not understood with this saying...(Children aren’t included in the count of six but are welcome at the dinners.) and if its not clear how can I make it clear but short 2. Are super hosts agreeing to provide for the entire meal or is it encouraged for it to be a potluck? But I love the different options! Its entirely up to them, I would recommend providing one and treating the others like potluck. We can send a super host an email with information 3. Adding a spouse and Kids is great so we can know how many will be in a group if kids come. (should we clarify that it would be kids that are dependent, not necessarily grown kids that would want to join or are we going to try and send entire families to a dinner? Reality would be like the Rays and McGuires people with adult kids that they would want to have come with them to a dinner. We would work this out in creating the groups 4. Should we have some preliminary information like preferred days they are available or days they are not available? Any food restrictions? Animal allergies? This way we can at least try to get people with schedules that can line up and if we have a host we can give them that information ahead of time so they can keep that in mind? No, this would be the groups responsibility 5. I don't think that we need to post this in the general information but I think that we should have answers to these questions as well for when people ask - Is there a platform that is encouraged for people to communicate on? no, just text , we want them foster relationships outside of church orchestrating so we would encourage text or phone - Can we meet up more than once a month? completely up to group - Do we have to meet at someone's house for dinner or can we go out? completely up to group - Do we need to take attendance? no - Are there any expectations/requirements from the church on hosts that we need to know about? ???? - How are the groups chosen? Is it totally at random or are you guys pairing us by commonalities? You and me baby, but we will randomly try and put together, it will just need tweaking according to children and other needs - If I have an issue with someone in my group, who do I talk to about getting switched out? They would just stop attending-thus has never actually happened - Will we get paired with a new group every term or can we stay with the same group? New every term - What should I do if I want to host but I am not great at facilitating conversation or cooking, or don't have time to prepare a full dinner? Then don't host lol - Are we allowed to have alcohol at our dinner? No, this will be included in super host sheet - Who is incharge of this/who should we connect with if I have an issue in my group or have questions on something? Me with you as admin

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